What if I am at work during the delivery times?

-If you are at work during the delivery time that is no problem , you can put your delivery address as your job address.

What if I am allergic to certain food items / ingredients or do not like certain items like onions, peppers, Broccoli etc.

-All meal plans are customizable on our website, you can exclude any food item you are allergic to or dislike. All you have to do is simply type in your food preferences at check out.

What if I am going on vacation and have already paid for certain amount of time that I will not be in town ?

-Just let us know at [email protected] or text/call at 850-888-3147. We will temporarily suspend your meal plan and you can proceed with the rest of the days you paid for when you are back in town.

Meal plans I have been on in the past have been very small portions and always left me wanting more food, will I see similar meal portions with prep pros ?

-No! Our meal plans are not designed to keep you hungry to lose weight , we want to make your lives convenient by giving you healthy portioned meals that taste delicious at an affordable price .

When are my meals delivered?

- Meals are delivered fresh every evening: Sunday - Thursday (5:30PM-9:00PM). If you have a preferred time you would like your meals delivered between our delivery hours you can add that in the preference box when you sign up and we will do our best to accommodate you

When do I eat my meals?

-You should be consuming a Prep Pro meal every 2-4 hours depending on your convenience, health and fitness goals. You can decide which meal to eat for lunch and dinner. If you decide to include breakfast in your plan, we suggest that you eat your breakfast within one hour of waking up or receiving meals for the best quality and taste.

Why do you deliver daily vs other companies who deliver only once or twice per week? 

-We believe in daily delivery because that is the only way our customers can get actual fresh food. Since we deliver daily that means we also cook daily. Other companies cook once or twice a week which results in their customers eating food that is days old.

We take pride in giving our customers fresh food DAILY!

Can I pick up my meals if the delivery time does not work for me ? 

-Yes! We offer pick up from our store front location between 8:30 AM – 4 PM. Our address is:
2401 W Pensacola St ,Suite A, Tallahassee, FL 32304

If I place my order today when will my meal plan begin?

Your first set of meals will begin being delivered between 1-2 business days after enrollment.

How do I pause my meal plan?

-All you need to do is simply send us an email with your pause date and resume date , we will
adjust your account for you. Other options for reaching us is through our website chat support,
Facebook messenger, and Instagram messenger.