Why choose us?

We have done everything in our power to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our services. We even created a menu with over 100 items to make sure you never get tired of eating the same meals like other meal plans out there.

Our meal plan is designed on a 6 week rotation schedule.  You will be able to customize your meal plan exactly the way you like it. We, the owners of Prep Pros, started out as college students meal prepping for our selves and realized how much time and money it saved us. We started to help a few of our friends out by meal prepping for them and they were shocked how much it changed their lives because they were eating healthy while saving time and also money. So we decided to take it to the next level and here we are today with Prep Pros.

The Chef

We want to formerly introduce the man behind the meals! Bringing you top quality cuisine spiced to perfection, Chef Marcus Joseph is a certified chef in the culinary industry with over 12 years of cooking experience. He started out as a dish washer at a small seafood restaurant in Miami, FL but through dedication to the culinary arts and persistence to achieve more, he made his way into the kitchen. Chef Marcus has spent the majority of his career learning different international cuisines while gaining valuable experience under top local and national chefs. We are thrilled to have him on the Prep Pros team!